Learning to code with Javascript part 1


Solve any problem with PEDAC — your five step tool for taking on the world! Let’s break it down:

Debugging 101

Using stack trace

Steps to debugging

Techniques for debugging

Learning the language

Operators & Operands

Objects vs Primitives

Statements vs expressions

Function Expressions vs Function Declarations

Declarative vs Imperative Programing

Selection vs Transformation

Function scope vs block scope

First class vs higher order vs callback functions

Let’s Code! A bunch of methods to know.

A list of String Methods

A list of Array Methods

A list of Object Methods

Truthiness, Operators, and Coercion

What’s falsy? That’s a FUN ONE to answer (get it?)

What’s short-circuiting?

Precedence and Evaluation order (don’t depend on it!)

Implicit Type Coercion

Explicit Type Coercion

Other fun tidbits

Array Destructuring

Side effects

Coding tips & pitfalls

Loop controls

Why Arrays are quirky

How does sorting work? Array.prototype.sort()

A quick guide to shallow copies because mutating without copies is just bad news

Whew. All done! There’s plenty I missed, but this is a good general overview. Good luck coding!




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